You cannot talk about ATRIUM CDR without considering its principal founder. This is a summary of the life and professional work of Joffre Camacho.

Joffre has been a Software Engineer since 2007 and graduated from UCLA (Lisandro Alvarado Central Western University) in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He has dedicated himself to developing applications and technology support in different companies in the Central Western region. Through his venture, Hogar Digital, a company created in 2001, he dedicated himself to helping other local business people with everything related to information technologies and technological infrastructure.

Joffre, like most Venezuelans, faced difficulties in his country in 2015 due to the military dictatorship, shortages, corruption, and black markets that controlled daily life in Venezuela. In order to create resilience and a new source of income, he built a hydroponic greenhouse project, combining agriculture with technology using process management, control tools, and electronic devices. His goal was to build strength, obtain food for internal consumption, and sell surplus at the local market to stay ahead of inflation. Joffre invested in materials and launched the project in early 2016 after thoroughly researching the growth process and the chemistry of the plants and harvest. However, the project was eventually abandoned in 2017 due to a lack of electricity, water, and seeds.

Joffre soon migrated to start from scratch in the United States, where he began exploring various jobs. He is fully self-taught and eventually started his own photography company in 2019, creating a stable source of income that he could use to fund new ventures.

In early 2020, during his free time, he focused on finding a solution to combat climate change. After evaluating various options, he decided to use his knowledge from his previous hydroponic greenhouse project, along with additional research to develop a solution. Initially a solo project, Joffre reached out to friends and acquaintances with specialized knowledge, to form a team of five people: ATRIUM TEAM. The team later participated in the XPRIZE Carbon Capture Competition, ranking 248th out of over 1300 solutions. ATRIUM TEAM is the only solution involving the use of the oceans based in Houston, Texas.

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