We Are Atrium

We are ATRIUM CDR. We're more than just a company - we're a team of dreamers, innovators, and problem-solvers united in our mission to revolutionize sustainable CO2 removal and pave the way for a brighter future for our planet.


Transforming the future through cutting-edge sustainable technology for CO2 removal, combating climate change, and creating valuable resources.
Leading the way in sustainable CO2 removal solutions that use natural processes to transform it into valuable resources while preserving the planet and improving the well-being of humanity.
Restoring the Earth's biological balance through natural processes, bioremediating man-made damage, and creating a sustainable future.

Meet Our Team

Joffre Camacho


Software engineer with an innovative mindset and a strong motivation for solving complex problems and achieving high-quality standards.

Jhoana Colina


Chemical engineer, Venezuelan, lover of physical activity and food. I live in the moment, and I'm peaceful and inclusive. I like to learn and improve every day, as well as develop the potential of others.

Henry Zapata


Proactive and entrepreneurial. Committed to multidisciplinary teams to implement Artificial Intelligence in products that facilitate the quality of human life.

Daniel Howard

Business Development

Having worked in business development in the oil and gas industry for nearly 10 years, I understand energy, and the power of a great team that can harness it.

Sabrina GaliƱanes


Postdoctoral researcher working at the Earth-Life Science Institute (Tokyo Institute of Technology). My leading research includes studies on drug delivery, vaccine development, and membrane proteins.

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