ATRIUM TEAM has undergone a revolutionary transformation, rebranding as ATRIUM CDR, LLC. This new name reflects our unwavering focus on utilizing cutting-edge Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technology to restore our planet through bioremediation.

We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies that can effectively capture dissolved CO2 in the ocean to turn it into sustainable biomass, valuable hydrocarbons and fuels, and other valuable co-products like oxygen and hydrogen. Our approach not only reduces CO2 emissions but also creates a circular economy whereby waste is transformed into valuable resources. In doing so, ATRIUM CDR can help sustainably remediate environmental damage.

As ATRIUM CDR, LLC, we are fully committed to positively impacting the environment. We’re excited to continue our research and development efforts while collaborating with other organizations and stakeholders to bring our game-changing technology to market. We’re ready to take on the world and make a real difference, one step at a time.

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